Packing & Bagging

The Wintec Bagging Machine

A Northwind Exclusive
T he Wintec Bagging Machine is a Northwind, Inc. patented system that is capable of filling 50 bags per minute from six stations. Accommodating bag widths from a minimum of 6” to a maximum of 13”. The Wintec Bagging machine is servo-controlled using Allen Bradley® components with user interface.
The Wintec bagging machine allows for minimum staff requirements to reach the maximum output of 50 bags per minute. With only one moving part maintenance and down time is minimal. The Wintec bagger is in use across the continental United States and Mexico with several poultry processing companies. With the Wintec bagging system installed and working the plants quickly discover the value of the Wintec bagging system and purchase additional Wintec baggers to assist them in making their plants more productive and profitable.

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Flow Wrapper Infeed

Welded sheet metal construction

Flow Wrapper Infeed

Rotary packing Table

Northwind Rotary Packing Table

Rotary Packing Table

Stainless steel construction
O ptions include product guide rails. Table diameter measures from 36” to 60”. Top is laser cut from 10 gauge 304 #3 Stainless Steel.
Frame manufactured from 11/2” 304 #3 Stainless Steel tube or 11/2” x 11/2” x 3/16” 304 Stainless Steel angle. Legs include casters or foot pads with +/- 3” of adjustment. Complete motor starter or optional VFD.

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Wintec Bagger

The Wintec Bagger / Patent No. 6625961